Con Edison and SunPower have teamed up to bring select New York homeowners a special offer. For a limited time, homeowners in the Con Edison service area can get world record-setting SunPower® solar and back it up with resiliency services from a battery storage system for a low monthly price and zero upfront cost.*

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A Smart Choice
SunPower solar panels produce an incredible 70% more energy over 25 years in the same space compared to conventional panels.1 With a typical solar system, this energy is used to power your home during the day, and any excess energy is sent to the grid to power your home at night.

With the Con Edison Solar plus Storage Program, you can protect yourself for years to come with SunPower solar panels that are ranked #1 in durability,2 and protect yourself against the next superstorm with a battery storage system that can continue to power your lights, refrigerator, and other essential appliances,3 even when the grid is down.
An Easy Decision
Leasing a SunPower solar system is a breeze, no matter what climate you live in. They are meticulously designed and tested to stand up to some of the harshest conditions, and they have a useful life of more than 40 years.4 Combine that with the strength and stability of Con Edison-backed resiliency services, and it's clear why solar plus battery storage is an easy decision.
Peace of Mind
You’re partnering with Con Edison's nearly 200 years of providing energy to New York customers and 30 years of solar experience from SunPower. So you can feel confident that you’ll have the best experience, today and in years to come. SunPower stands by their solar panels with a 20-year warranty on leased systems and provides maintenance services for the storage system for the duration of your resiliency services subscription term. Learn more.
A Brighter Future

Turning sunshine into energy is pretty cool. Doing it all sustainably with SunPower is even better.
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See if the Con Edison Solar plus Storage Program is available in your area.