Building a Circular Economy
We are proud to work with members of the CE100 to shape a new Circular Economy. By sharing our knowledge and experiences, we will develop innovative products and find new ways of doing business that benefit our environment and our communities, while also driving economic prosperity.
SunPower’s Approach to Circularity
“We look forward to building a new industrial system that is restorative and beneficial by design.” Marty Neese, SunPower’s Chief Operating Officer

For more information, download Marty Neese’s presentation at the 2015 CE100 Annual Summit
Building Support for Solar
In addition to being a key enabler of building a circular economy, solar has strong financial benefits. Get your stakeholders on-board with our “Guide for Earning Stakeholder Buy-In”
Choosing a Solar Partner
Solar power is a long-term investment and your company wants to choose the right solar partner to maximize its investment for years to come.

Unsure of what to look for? Download “How to Choose a Solar Partner”
Finding the Right Solar Solution
Learn how your organization can take advantage of emerging solar energy options like offsite solar and wholesale contracts. These new strategies can help build an energy portfolio that achieves sustainability goals while managing energy costs.
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